Our homes have become our new haven, and creating multifunctional spaces that speak to our diverse needs is becoming essential in the new year. The latest buzz in home design centers around flexibility: creating home environments that engage the senses and are aesthetically beautiful in our everyday life as well as on Zoom calls and even selfies.

To achieve that, traditional homes are getting contemporary makeovers, including with expressionistic lighting and flex spaces that can be transformed into yoga or Zen rooms. Also, a hot new amenity is a unique outdoor space soaked in “naturalness” that is all about being cozy.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these hot 2022 home trends.

Multifunctional Spaces

This new hybrid WFH (work from home) lifestyle means that formal dining rooms and living rooms may practically become extinct. Spaces are being transformed and molded for different activities. Entertaining has moved outdoors. Dining tables and kitchen islands are doubling as a desk or crafting station. So, it’s not surprising that the trend toward two kitchen islands is growing more popular.

Also, guest bedrooms can double as an office. Living rooms with built-ins can become a library. Spaces are adapting not only to our needs but for different occasions.

Spending more time at home ever since the onset of the pandemic has helped people see the importance of bringing more elements of nature inside the home. Connecting with nature can make us feel better. As such, homeowners are splurging on creating a garden room, floor-to-ceiling windows, and adding plants to create a home office sanctuary. This fascination of organic forms and over-the-top biophilic decor and furniture has everyone seeing green. Sherwin-Williams, Behr, and Benjamin-Moore have picked shades of green as their 2022 colors of the year. They believe green hues can bring tranquility and rejuvenation into a space. Green is the hot new neutral!

Maximalism is back, if the 2022 fashion shows are any indication. More people are seeking to surround themselves with objects that reflect their personality. We’re seeing expressionistic lighting—like geo-shaped groupings and swirls—as well as an explosion of colorful rugs. It’s popular to mix vintage pieces with contemporary furniture and colorful glass. Put a disco ball in the basement and add tinsel curtains for even more sparkle. That’s just how bold decor is getting. But don’t go overboard with ’70s decor! A few playful and unexpected pieces is all you need for this trend.

Versatile and classic black hardware, lighting, paint, and even tile is hot and adds contrast against natural wood pieces and organic designs inside and outside the home. Black is modern and can be glamorous against white walls. Just a few touches can be the right amount of interest to accentuate any space.

Textures and Patterns

Textured fabrics and interesting material patterns are going to be huge in 2022, especially on walls, surfaces, in paint, and, of course, through fabrics on pillows, throws, and poofs. Another trendy, bold texture popping up more often is herringbone-patterned flooring.

Texture can add instant warmth to a room. Homeowners are craving more texture, and it’s becoming a visual, almost fifth-dimensional experience in decorating a space.