Top Civil Contractors & Planners Firms in Cordoba, Argentina

In Italy Real Estate Services we gather the best experiences of a rich tradition in the Administration and Management of properties in Córdoba, and we constitute it in a platform...

    Real Estate, Industrial, Civil Contractors & Planners, Vaastu Consultants, Property Insurance

Flamá Inmobiliaria Córdoba, Argentina

Provide the client with a comprehensive service in real estate activities, through personalized attention, generating reciprocal trust and working professionals to meet their needs. Maintain and expand as one of...

    Real Estate, Construction, Interior Decorators, Builders & Developers, Civil Contractors & Planners

Meade Inmobiliaria Córdoba, Argentina

Since 1925 in Córdoba and today led by the third generation, MEADE represents our philosophy of providing, with honesty and professionalism, real estate opportunities, qualified advice to investors, property management...

    Real Estate, Construction, Residential, Commercial, Brokers

Almeida y Asociados Córdoba, Argentina

Almeida Inmobiliaria is a young and thriving company in Córdoba, with a team of experienced advisors in real estate operations. Our reliability and reputation allows us to offer security in...

    Real Estate, Construction, Architects, Residential, Interior Decorators

GAMA S.A Córdoba, Argentina

We are a national capital company that designs, builds, sells and finances real estate in the province of Córdoba. In these years we achieved outstanding participation in the development sector,...

    Real Estate, Construction, Commercial, Brokers, Interior Decorators

Bontempo Propiedades Córdoba, Argentina

Offers and provides services for Real Estate in Córdoba, Argentina.

    Real Estate, Construction, Industrial, Interior Decorators, Civil Contractors & Planners
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