Kratt Commercial Properties

Colorado Springs, United States


Kratt Commercial Properties specializes in leasing and developing retail shopping centers in Colorado. We bring owners, investors, developers, and tenants together into a mutually beneficial relationship, aimed at creating and growing high-profile shopping centers. The Kratt team has successfully leased and developed millions of square feet of retail properties.  Since 1998, Kratt Commercial Properties has been focusing 100% of their efforts along the front range and specifically in the Colorado Springs retail marketplace.  Focusing on the development, leasing and management of retail properties in the region Our orientation as landlord/owner advocates provides a unique perspective to clients. As property owners, we understand the big picture of what it takes to create and maintain a thriving retail center. Our philosophy is to always treat your assets and investments like we would our own.  Founded in 1998, Kratt Commercial Properties is devoted to high-quality service. Each of our clients is treated with the respect necessary to form a lasting and successful business relationship. Our team is approachable and ready to discuss your project with you. We take on new projects only when our current projects are substantially complete to ensure each project has the resources necessary to achieve your goals. The growth model has enabled us to lease and maintain dozens of shopping centers. Read more...

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