Greyhaven Realty Management Co.

Chattanooga, United States


We are a full service residential and commercial property management and real estate sales agency. Since starting in mid-2006, we have grown an average of 20% per year--but our jets have kicked in. We're growing faster than that now. The reason is simple. We provide great service at reasonable prices. Property management is more than signing leases and collecting rent checks. If you are a tenant, we pay attention to getting you into a unit that suits you, and we take care of the property you are renting. If you are an owner, it means we handle the general hassles of operating rental property--screening applications, getting the lease paperwork right, having repairs done by properly qualified personnel, and so on. We constantly strive to improve our services. Take a look at our website to see what's up and what we have available right now. Browse our newsletter archives or sign up to get newsletters as we publish them. (Investors may notice in the archives that we have repeatedly been months ahead of mainstream media in reporting significant factors in the real estate market.) Stop by and see what we offer!Read more...

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