American Way Real Estate Company

Cookeville, United States


In 1972, American Way was born from a vision to provide real estate services like no one else in the area. The experience gained, and lessons mastered since then proves that building relationships with people is one of the things we do best. In this expanse of time we have helped tens of thousands of families buy their first homes. Then with growth we have helped them sell the starter home and buy the family home. There have even been a few that we’ve transitioned between that family home to their retirement home. These lasting relationships have extended to referrals to find homes for their children, friends and extended families. We have perfected marketing and negotiation skills that work for our clients. And we are honored to have them as clients & friends. The memories made and the smiles we’ve shared make living in the Cookeville area a great place to make a life. It is a time-honored tradition that we have built our reputation on. SOLD is what we do, but TRUST is why we are able do it.Read more...

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