Advanced Solutions Property Management

Salt Lake City, United States


Advanced Solutions Property Management is by far the best property management company we have utilized in managing my multi unit residential properties. Our group had been through multiple management companies that were not meeting expectation. Rents were not being collected in a timely manner, maintenance costs were out of control and the tenants were not receiving the service level required to keep tenant turnover to a minimum. Advanced Solutions are extremely good at rent collections and vacancy reduction. When we turned our project over to them, they were able to come in and get rental payments caught up very quickly and their maintenance costs were in line with industry standards. Most importantly, from the investor stand point, Advanced Solutions increased Net Operating Income(NOI) on the property by 13% in less than a year — just amazing! If you own multi-unit rental properties in the Salt Lake City area, I highly recommend this group for their ability to get rents up while keeping vacancy levels low. We consider them to be a integral part of our overall approach to residential property investmentRead more...

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