About PropertyFirms

propertyfirms.com is the disruptive force that is finally bringing an end to the real estate industry’s 20% commission on every house purchase. With its unique business model, PropertyFirms offers consumers a wide range of services related to real estate transactions at competitive prices.

At PropertyFirms users can sell houses quickly and easily without paying hefty commissions – all without having to step foot in an office or meet with high-pressure agents. As its platform continues to grow into one of the most comprehensive real estate marketplaces on the web, it will be exciting to see how well it’s able to tap into the $90 billion home sale market as well as other service sectors it seeks expansion into—including commercial properties and auto sales.

PropertyFirms aims to make the renting market more efficient, so that people are able to find better homes at better prices. PropertyFirms currently serves thousands of renters who use the service every month to easily find apartments within their budget and proximity to work or school, using the user-friendly web platform or mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices. With our unique approach to the real estate market, PropertyFirms has gained numerous accolades.

PropertyFirms believes homes are more than just real estate and thus goes beyond being just another real estate website. Since its inception five years ago, thousands of people have used PropertyFirms to connect with each other and look for homes, making it one of world’s leading real estate platforms. The user-friendly interface of PropertyFirms enables customers to search for properties across many metro cities such as New York, Washington, London, Ottawa, Melbourne, and New Delhi among others.

Our Values

PropertyFirms is an online real estate brokerage. We have established an innovative model based on making it easier to connect with local agents to buy or sell your property. By cutting out unnecessary costs, we are able to offer consumers real estate brokerage services at substantially lower prices than traditional agents. In the last year alone, we saved our customers over lakhs in commissions and fees for their real estate transactions through our system.

At PropertyFirms we’re not only changing what is possible in real estate but are raising standards in our industry. Our values of integrity, honesty and respect can be found throughout our process. The result is better outcomes for buyers and sellers – No tricks, just real people helping each other reach their goals. It may not be fast or flashy but it has earned us long-term partnerships with thousands of happy customers. We believe success comes from helping others succeed so read on to see how PropertyFirms can help your next move or investment make sense.

Our Strengths

Our strength is our independence; there's no bias when it comes to rating or reviewing properties—our ratings are purely quantitative. To us, your quality of life is what matters most. We put trust at the center of everything we do: no hidden fees, no gimmicks and transparency in all communication with our users (both landlords and tenants). If you want quality rentals without having to worry about how much hassle goes along with them, PropertyFirms is where you'll find what you need.

We're pragmatic, we don't claim to be something we aren't. We're an online service that acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, which means we have access to apartments you may not otherwise find out about.

We value our strong connections with our customers. We actively look to have conversations around what a new construction process looks like. What is broken in that process and how can technology help? I believe we have made some great strides in finding that answer, but at PropertyFirms we won’t ever stop asking these questions.

Our Successes

Rather than simply list our successful business accomplishments we want to tell you how we achieved them. We are more than just assets (to ourselves) we are assets (to our clients). Our business is built on trust and relationships which in return makes us stand out in this industry. Because of this we want to help those who seek advice and professional services along with providing information that will surely aid your decision process along with rewarding those who choose us for their real estate needs.

The Team

In the case of PropertyFirms, the team is made up of experienced executives and entrepreneurs with years in the real estate industry. Their experience will help them bring about innovation in an already saturated industry that needs to change.

By applying their expertise and team-based collaboration, PropertyFirms has created a fresh take on existing strategies that promises to revolutionize the way people buy or sell property. The resulting solution helps buyers avoid brokers’ commissions, and helps sellers by using technology to reduce the time they spend marketing their home.

Eliminating these transactional costs means more properties can be sold at competitive prices, which benefits consumers throughout the market. It's a win-win for all parties involved.

Our USPs:

1. We allow people to buy or sell properties directly with each other without paying commission to any broker

2. We’re providing listing in about 150 markets worldwide and in almost all metro cities

3. In comparison to traditional brokerage firms, we do not charge fee from both seller & buyer

4. A negative feedback option for property owners/sellers has been introduced by us as well

5. No real estate license is required for our users